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Search expert
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ZDNet: Download Search Expert (version 1.1) free
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  • Description
    Search Expert is a handy Internet tool that sends your keywords and phrases to up to 60+ major search engines. It's fast, reliable, and very easy to use. Just enter your keyword or search phrase and click your mouse to quickly retrieve results. Search Expert lists all results in a single list, with a summary and relevance rating for each. Double-click on any entry to open the site in your default browser. All search results are automatically saved in a tree-view menu. The trial version of Search Expert is supported by Internet advertising.

  • why using search expert?
    1. Search the world-wide search-engine simultanously!
    2. See the search result very clearly , adjust font size freely!
    3. Sort the search result by score,title,url, etc.
    4. Find special words in the search result.
    5. Filter the search result by words.
    6. Classify & Manage the key words.
    7. Download the search result & see the webpage offline.
    8. Convert to html file & View the result in web browser.
    9. Search engines were well classified now, and all engines will be update automatically to you software!NEW (version 1.1)
    10.Download the search result with images! you can see the web-page off-line with images now!NEW (version 1.1)

  • How to use this software
    Search expert screen spot 640*480 & demonstrate graphics!
    Area 1. Main menu;
    Area 2. Search status
  • This icon will be animated while searching or downloading web page.
  • Click this icon will show the searching or downloading progress.
    Area 3. The search tools bar
  • Input your keywords in the search box, and press enter.
  • "Alt+K" can switch the cursor to search box quickly.
  • You can select a search engine group by dropdown-list.
  • You can verify or download the searched webpages for offline reading.
    Area 4. Manage the keywords
  • Click mouse right button can Edit ,Add ,Delete classify.
  • User can drag the keywords in area 6 to the certain class.
  • "Alt+W" can enter this area quickly.
    Area 5. Sponser banners, Shareware version will display the sponser banner,If you want to delete this banner ,register now!
    Area 6. All keywords searched will be listed here
  • Left yellow bar will display the classify of now keywords.
  • Use top ,down arrow can browse the search result in area 9.
    Area 7 Search engines classify.
  • There is a list of search engine groups,it will be updated automatically when online.
  • Also you can find the search engine zip files here, and update it manually.
    Area 8 Search result panel.
  • Adjust the search result font size & colors.
  • Select the search result sorting method.
  • Filter & refind the search result.
  • Show /Hide treeview & keywords panels.
    Area 9 Display the search result
  • "Ctrl+left arrow" , "Ctrl+right arrow" can zoom the result font.
  • "left arrow","right arrow" will swtich the sort method of result.
  • Press "Enter" can see the webpage.
  • "Ctrl+N" or double click can see the webpage in a new browser.
  • Press "Alt+Enter" can see the property of now item.
  • "Ctrl+C" can copy the URL to clipboard.
  • "Delete" can delete now item.
    Area 10 Now search engine.
    Area 11 Status bar.

    This is a shareware ,if you felt it's useful please Buy it

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